Cookies policy

The company on its on account or a third person hired for the services of analyzing data, can use cookies while surfing the net. Cookies are files sent to the navigator by website so as to register the user’s activities while surfing.


The use cookies are related only with an anonymous user and its computer, and doesn’t share the users personal information.


By using cookies it’s possible that the server can recognize and use this information to make the search much easier. Cookies are also use to control the amount of users using these services.


User has the right to set his navigator so as to be warned about the reception of cookies in order to avoid the installation in his equipment. Please check the instructions in your navigator in order to get more information.


In order to use the website, it’s not necessary for the user to allow the installation of cookies sent to this web, or a third person to act on his behalf, with no legal conflict which will make the user start section every time this service it’s required.


Nevertheless cookies have a temporal use data, so as to make its transmission more useful. Cookies will never be used to get any personal information.