Paco´s trip and more news in 2023

Paco´s trip and more news in 2023

At the begining of this New Year 2023, we would like to share with you some updates about this GloBall Challenge Cup Tour.

And starting from the most important thing. It starts...

PACO´S TRIP: Amazing Paco, this legendary responsible at GloBall- LCG location, has been promoted to maximum responsible at HUB GloBall. He will lead sport management area in this expansion GloBall phase in Spain and Portugal.

MORE NEWS: GloBall Plan 2023 is to consolidate GloBall in Galicia, Madrid and Lisboa, apart from revising any possible franchises. Precisely about:

GLOBALL FRANCHISES: We have the firsts regions in Spain, interested in taking part at GloBall Finals 2023. So we´ll keep you posted in these first weeks in 2023.

CARDS: We are going to include CARD format to our media service, so if your team is still without shield, right now is time to create ans share it in your intranet area, in GloBall IT tool. We will need it to elaborate your new cards.

CLAUSURA 2023 and subscription process: At  the begining of 2023 we are going to open susbcription process for new teams and members, interested in this GloBall Challenge Cup Tour. 

See you on the grass.