21 members, new limit by team.

21 members, new limit by team.

We increase the limit until 21 members.

GloBall Challenge Cup continues with our main goal, we keep on trying to be better every day. Firstly we have presented our new balls in our current competitions in Spain, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela. The spiral is once again the protagonist.

As we persuade an even more professional competition, we have increase the limit of players, until 21, per team with the objective of facilitating every team settings.

Furthermore, as you all know, this season 2019/2020 we have deleted the Regulation for cancelling, besides some exceptional cases, in order to make it easier for you and more dynamic.

Some of you have suggested to add to each team more than the current 18 players. As your wishes are our command, we have expanded the number up to 21. Planning ahead is fundamental to make it through a long and exhausting path, where injuries, suspensions, winter season or even work absences are the worst enemy for the teams.

Please remember you can register players during the whole season to adjust the numbers to the needs of your squad.