Madrid, new GloBall Challenge Cup location

Madrid, new GloBall Challenge Cup location

Joins A Coruña y Santiago in our league

Madrid is the new GloBall Challenge Cup location according with the expansion moves that the company began in the summer of 2019. This city joins A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela in the competition with more news to come in the near future. Since this Monday, all the teams which are interested in participate in the GCC League can subscribe in our website, taking part in a unique football 7 league with nine months of competition and four tournaments (Apertura, Clausura, Cup and GCC Finals).

The GloBall Challenge Cup has an exclusive digital platform in which users can enjoy the benefits of having all tools related to the league in their hands. This allows them to manage their profiles and needs without leaving the site.

From the subscription form to the end of the league, players and teams are provided with all the necessary facilities such as online health insurance assistance, last news, calendar, schedules and information of the matches left. Also, they can draw on our 100% secure payment method (monthly payment by direct debit or card).

The health insurance that covers the GCC competition, provides players an efficient and effective service, giving them a quick response in case the player is injured in one of our multiple games. If this occurred, they would only have to fill the documents and upload them in our website and the insurance company would contact the player directly.

And if you conquer the victory in one of our three tournaments, you will travel to the GCC Finals, where you will fight with the other location’s winners for the global title of the GloBall Challenge Cup.

The League in Madrid will begin approximately in one month with the Clausura tournament and will take place in Escuela de Imagen y Sonido CES (Mondays and Tuesdays between 10:30pm and 11:30pm). An incredible field near the city center with a parking inside available for all the users.

The GloBall Challenge Cup is your football league, with different locations around the world, and who knows? Maybe our next is very close to you.

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