Official Statement

Official Statement

GCC statement about the competition and the COVID-19

The GloBall Challenge Cup is working for the restart of the competition at the moment that the health authorities confirm the end of the pandemic induce for the COVID-19. Now, all the sport around the world is paralyzed but our HUB is considering all the possibilities in order to maintain nine months of football this year and our GCC Finals in September 2020. Also, we expect to start the competition in the next months in Madrid and Lisbon as we planned at the beginning of the year.

It’s crucial that all our users to follow the instructions and recommendations of the health and local authorities to stop coronavirus progress staying at home or taking all the health measures in case that you have to leave your home.

We want to thank all the people that fight the virus in hospitals, keep supermarkets opened and definitely, work for all the people that can´t leave their homes, because they are doing a great job in these difficult times.

We are sure that this crisis will go away and we’ll be able to see our ball rolling in the pitch again. We are working for that. In case you have any doubt you can contact us by email (, social media or the direct chat in our web.

Thank you


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