Baiona, Ibiza and Porto are the most voted locations to develop GloBall Finals 2022

GloBall Challenge Cup players voted during the past week from their email inbox, with the aim of choosing possible locations, three finalist locations for the last vote process which is going to be developed in February 2022.

It´s amazing to see final results, because Baiona location, historic location in the past beta model Galicia F7 Cup, has been the most voted option, among these ten. These have been the percentages by location, where Baiona, Ibiza and Porto, are in the final vote process.

Algarve 12,20%

Baiona 31,01%

Barcelona 1,04%

Ibiza 25,70%

Lisbon- Cascais 6,8%

Madrid 1,40%

Mallorca 4,10%

Marbella 2,70%

Porto 13,50%

Valencia 1,40%



While GloBall Challenge Cup continues, our arrival to Madrid is going to be launched in our next communication, where you can see our GloBall brand, side by side with high level brands like Banco Santander and LFP, and you can also analyze your possible opponents in these GloBall Finals 2022.

More information is coming soon.