La Liga Press By Santander & GloBall

La Liga Press By Santander & GloBall

La Liga Press by Santander & GloBall Challenge Cup leads us to GloBall Finals 2022.

Thanks to collaboration agreement between these two brans, La Liga Press By Santander┬┤s Champion and Sub- champion will be invited to GloBall Finals 2022 which will take place in Baiona, Ibzia or Porto.

A sport tourism long weekend with members from different GloBall locations & La Liga Press By Santander which will be a fantastic way of closing sport season, outstanding the GloBall 2022 Champion.

In order to know the final location, in February 2022, we will proceed with the last votes between GloBall users and La Liga Press by Santander users will be invited to make use of this vote, with the aim to decide GloBall Finals 2022 destination.

La Liga Press By Santander has been created this season 2021-22 in Madrid, by Minerva Marketing with Banco Santander partnership, with the aim of creating a reference among press media colleagues. La Liga Press By Santander combines sport and solidarity sending support to Fundela┬┤s social initiatives and to build two classrooms in Malabo Orphanage.

As a supportive SPORSTECH collaborator, GloBall Challenge Cup is a project in international expansion, with the aim of industrializing amateur sports environment across IT systems.

We hope you can enjoy this fantastic experience.

Source: Press release by La Liga Press By Santander & GloBall Challenge Cup.